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LIỆT DIỄM - Burning Flames 2024

| | tháng 3 15, 2024
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Nội dung
[Tập 40/40]
In ancient times, the Yun clan appeared in the world and was able to control the power between heaven and earth. While other races had previously bowed to this power, the human King Xin chose a different path and challenged the overwhelming power as a mortal. However, when he lost to Ditian, the king of the Yun clan, he perished in battle. At the cost of her life, the princess protected Prince Wu Geng from being chased by the Yun clan. Prince Wu Geng, filled with grief and resentment, was reduced to a low-level slave in a mine in Pingyang. However, he was determined to restore his country, oppose the Yun clan, and avenge his family. With the help of Fu Xi, the high priest of the Shenyin Ministry, Prince Wu Geng sought out allies for his quest to take down the Yun Clan and win back his freedom.

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